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Creative Direction

  • Rõnin Amsterdam
  • Campaign site
  • New animated character

Gear up for your year challenge.

The number one online food ordering platform of the USA relies on 1 million ‘Dashers’ to get the groceries delivered. These couriers don’t only drop the deliveries fast, they also tend to drop out. How can we keep them motivated and committed, or persuade them to join us again?

Don’t just promise, deliver.

Every year starts with the best resolutions and many brands promise you the world. But mostly they remain unachievable dreams. What if we can make it realistic, fun and offer an instant path to your year goal?

Meet Alex!

With the help of PlusOne Amsterdam, we’ve created Alex.
A new Dasher character that perfectly blends with the brand and target audience.

One Dash Closer.

An online activation campaign where our Dasher Alex asks you a couple of questions and delivers your roadmap to your goal within a minute.
Check out the feature video below.

Fun interactivity.

With the online campaign we’ve turned a boring questionnaire into something fun and interactive for the audience and a great reason to (re)connect for the brand.

Straight to the finishline!

Get your answer within 1 minute. The DashBoard gives you a clear overview, which you can alter as desired.

Curious for the experience? Do the Dash Check