Caretakers in the spotlight

Over 700,000 people are taking care for people with Alzheimer’s in The Netherlands. Every year on 10 November we shift the attention to them.

The Dutch Alzheimer’s organisation  joins this national day to raise awareness on the daily duty these people have besides their ‘regular life’.

The social video encourages viewers to think of a befriended caretaker and award them with a special designed (and free to order) ‘Forget-me-not’ broche.


  • Alzheimer Netherlands


  • Born05

My Part

  • Concept tweak
  • Creative Direction
  • Motion Design



Too much to handle…

The video is based upon the true story of a young father: taking care of his family, his career and his father suffering from Alzheimers at the same time.

When I entered the project the current treatment was insufficient. Written as a classic TVC it was over budget and not enough production time. My  challenge to make it all work from concept to production. 

Food for thought.

With our daily food moments as a metaphor I’ve created a story construct which is relatable for everyone, but at the same time link them to the most important people and responsibilities surrounding our caretaker:

  • Breakfast with his child
  • Lunch at work
  • Dinner with his father
  • Late night snack with his partner

Reversed thinking.

Resembling the non-stop flow of a caretaker I based my creative concept around the one-taker shot.

I simplified the production using a ‘reversed dolly-shot’. placing a 12 meter set on top of the dolly rails, filmed by a fixed camera.

Connecting the full story, cast and locations in one smooth scene, while always focussing on our hero the caretaker.

Behind the scenes.